Wellness for your business.

Starting a business. Growing a business. Exiting a business. They can all cause angst.

They’re all risky and complicated, which can lead to analysis paralysis and a variety of other entrepreneurial disorders.


That’s why you need an experienced business therapist.

d.dotmass Business TherapyTM specializes in improving business health by treating operational, marketing, sales, and financial disorders. Our group of experienced therapists are highly qualified to assess all aspects of your business’ physical, emotional and fiscal wellbeing - then prescribe the optimal treatments, remedies, and cures.


You’ve got business disorders. We’ve got business therapies.

Let d.dotmass Business TherapyTM help you achieve your next step, your next level, and your next goal.


How Can We Help You?


Meet Our Therapists

Very experienced professionals ready to counsel 

In today's fast-paced world, hiring the right person with the most professional experience just might not be possible.


Whether the top-rated person costs too much, or you simply do not have enough justifiable work to require a full-time position, our therapists are here to help you fill in the gaps. Besides, why take on the risk of a wrong hire and all of the liability that comes with the not-so-perfect fit?


Our accomplished team of proven professional therapists within their fields are ready to dive in to accelerate your brand.

Limit liability, maximize experience and deliver results with professionals. 


Meet Darren Mass

The "Wendy Rhoades" of your business.

Darren is a revolutionary, entrepreneurial and pragmatic outside director, visionary, leader and CXO therapist. His vision and passion for business comes from extensive experience developing and directing successful business models, teams and functions that facilitate aggressive company growth and positive corporate culture. He is adept at analyzing strategies, capitalizing on market trends and building competitive advantage. He has versatility across entity types (startup, private, public), industries, geographies and functions and brings an authentic and inspirational leadership style that generates trust, loyalty, respect and results.


Darren has over 20 years of experience and has built a solid foundation for the fundamentals of business. His passion for people-based cultures led him to found MASS Communications. The company went on to receive Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York City for three consecutive years, 2015-17, and was listed on Inc. Magazine’s five-time honor role for fastest growing private companies.

In 2018, Darren led the sale of MASS Communications to a publicly traded, fortune 500 organization and has since been leading the charge on helping other businesses realize their greatest potential.


The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania - CPD, Leadership

Rochester Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Science, Telecommunications Engineering Technology



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